One of the blond men puts his palm against the door. Iris stares at the freckled back of the hand. She takes a drag on her cigarette and releases a mouthful of smoke with her gaze fixed on the door and on the hand blocking her way. Iris stands up, her eyes squinted to keep the cigarette smoke out, and she pulls her skirt down with a pensive face. Looking at the snowy landscape on the other side of the window. The rural tableaux of livestock stables with snow-covered roofs.

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The Eclipse Room is the most popular and most crowded area of The Dark Side of the Moon. Seven thousand and five hundred square feet of carpeted floor and velvet sofas and mirror balls and quality wood panels and statues. The statues, according to Mr. Bocanegra, are the element that sets The Dark Side of the Moon apart from just any old place.

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Paul and the other advance member of the commando were aiming their weapons upward. Pointing with their flashlights at the metal ladder that was the end of their underground expedition. Chuck nodded and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve.

There was a moment of tense silence, much more tense if one stopped to think what might be going on. Chuck cleared his throat and opened the screen door. Chuck went up the porch steps, wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve and took the plate with the piece of meat loaf that the woman held out to him. He was even ashamed himself of how artificial that had sounded. Mrs. Kopinski, however, merely traced one of those smiles.

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Like a low-level employee waiting for instructions from a supervisor. Pavel thinks he can see the salesgirl chewing gum. The door closing activates an automatic sound similar to a bell ringing.

A clamor of clinking bottles and shouts of joy fills the warehouse of LORENZO GIRAUT, LTD. A couple of streamers fly through the air. Saudade is emptying a bottle of Moët et Chandon Grand Reserve over his head. After a moment, Bocanegra lifts a hand, asking for silence. Manta cleans the windowpane with his hand and looks inside.

Panakian shoots forward and up toward the spot where the dancer had been just a minute earlier. It’s probably one of those physical feats born of absolute desperation and fear for one’s life. Which can only be pulled off when the seized-up, desperate mind forgets for a second that the body is incapable of it. Raymond Panakian is about to successfully jump from his bar stool to the stage. Except for the fact that just as he is hanging in midair, Aníbal Manta manages to grab him by the ankle. Causing Panakian’s floating body to jerk and fall facedown on the edge of the stage.

In that part of the building, the dim light was interrupted by flashes from the explosions outside that came in through the windows. Paul must have sensed what was going through Chuck’s head, because he put a hand on his shoulder and gave his collarbone a friendly pinch. They all carried at least a couple of weapons, plus flashlights and the plastic explosives divided up among their four backpacks.

She supposes she could stop now, solve the situation, do her exercises and recoup the six minutes after closing. She takes a last disapproving glance at Raquel’s body and attire, and stands up. They both sit in facing armchairs in the living room. Saudade opens a Spider-Man comic book and begins flipping through it distractedly. A clock taller than Aníbal Manta himself fills the room with its rhythmic and vaguely soporific sound.

His posture as he lies on the cardboard pile gives Hannah Linus the strange sensation that his penis is watching her. Saudade’s penis, as she sees it now, is like a curled-up animal resting after the sexual act while still keeping an eye on her. Hannah Linus often gets that same feeling from the penises of men she has just had sex with. She can’t say it’s a feeling she particularly likes. Saudade’s penis isn’t exactly the same color as the rest of his body.