Birth & Beyond Pregnancy Event

26th June 2022, 10am to 4pm

The Stables Yoga Centre

10A Nunmill St, York YO23 1NU

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Are You…

Expecting a baby in 2022?

Wondering what support is available?

Excited about meeting your little one?

Not sure where to focus your attention?

A little nervous about what that looks like?

Feeling a little overwhelmed by it all?

If you want to know where to access ALL the support you could possibly need in your Birth & Beyond journey, this is for YOU!

Come and meet an A-list team of Birth and Postpartum Specialists dedicated to providing Expectanct and New Families with information and support so that you feel EMPOWERED on this epic journey into Parenthood.

The day will focus on supporting Health and Wellness through Birth and Beyond with talks and workshops on Mindfulness, Movement, Midwifery and Matrescence


Your Ticket gives you access to:

9 Interactive Workshops & Sessions (first floor)

Preparing to Breastfeed

Baby Wearing

Pregnancy Yoga

The Reiki Precepts as a Compass for Motherhood

Why Maternal Mental Health Matters & How to Support it

Postnatal Planning & the Transition to Motherhood

Preparing for Birth while Optimising your Emotional & Physical Well-being

The Importance of Natural Health Options for New Mums & Babies

The Importance of Reducing Isolation & Breaking Down Barriers Post-Partum

A Delicious sit-down Lunch served between 1 & 2pm (ground floor)

The meal will be Vegan & Gluten-free (intolerances can be catered for)


But that’s not all…

Your ticket will also give you…

Entry into our Raffle

you could win an incredible prize!

An Awesome Goody-bag

packed full of freebies from our Specialists

The Ultimate Sleep Guide

The PDF that will help you nail the righ naps for your baby

Theta Healing Mini-masterclass recording

How working on the subconscious benefits the antenatal & postnatal phases

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Concessionary tickets are available

Please contact us to enquire

Meet Our Specialists…


I’m the CEO and founder of All Things Birth & Beyond – a mum of two, & a trauma-informed Birth Doula & Postnatal expert who is passionate about ensuring families are informed, supported & empowered in their transition through life & parenting.  

As an Advanced Birth & Beyond Practitioner (BA.Hons, UofW), I have a specialist interest in childbirth education, infant feeding challenges, holistic sleep support, & emotional well-being for the whole family.  

Internationally accredited as a training provider, I am excited to provide world-class services to families – and teach others to be change-makers in their communities. 


Lucy is a yoga and movement teacher, based in North Yorkshire, with over 10 years teaching experience worldwide.  
Her classes are a blend of somatic, intuitive movement, breathwork and mindful meditation, grounded in anatomical science.  They are an expression of creativity, joy and kindness. 
She is the lead teacher of the pregnancy + postnatal yoga classes at The Stables Yoga Centre in York.  
These classes are mama-centred, aimed to support and explore body, mind and spirit.  They offer space to ask all the questions and worries you may have as a new mother, and to be part of a non-judgemental, like-minded community.
Lucy is passionate about teaching and living a yoga practice that is useful and applicable to everyday life.  Her particular interests are the application of yoga for mental health, pre-and post-natal support and core and pelvic floor health. 
Lucy lives in Selby, North Yorkshire with her partner, their two young children, and a mad old cat.


I’m Susan (she/her) and my passion is to work with pregnant women, all birthing people, and couples or solo parents as they navigate pregnancy, labour, birth and after baby arrives the ‘fourth trimester’ and beyond into motherhood and parenthood.

For all my antenatal and postnatal trainings I have chosen to be educated by the very best – all leading experts in their field, including Katharine Graves, Nadia Narain, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Michel Odent, Lolly Stirk and Peter Walker.


I’m a mum of 5 and have been a Doula for 10 years, a volunteer Leader (breastfeeding counsellor) with La Leche League since 2003, sitting on LLL’s Council of Directors for 4 years. I also run my own successful private practice as a Lactation Consultant.


A Reiki Teacher & Practitioner for over 15 years, mother of one.  I have direct experience of how Reiki can help during pre-natal and post-natal times, having used Reiki as a spiritual, meditative & healing practice from conception, to birth, and at present.  Through Reiki, mum’s intuition and awareness become sharper to allow for a deeper connection with baby.  Nurturing for both mum and baby, it is helpful during teething, colic, and sleepless nights.  Reiki can help mum access her inner truth, releasing expectations, to bring clairy to her needs and those of her baby.


I’m a professional and fully qualified acupuncturist, fertility and pregnancy coach, hypnobirth instructor and private midwife. 

I specialise in working with people who are struggling with fertility issues, pregnant, or wanting to help those that are. Whatever you might be feeling – hopeless, disappointed, anxious, frustrated, in pain or exhausted – you don’t need to walk through this journey alone. My mission is to enhance your chances of living life to the full and increasing your chances of becoming pregnant and delivering your bundle of joy safely, calmly and confidently. It has been my honour and privileged to have walked with so many others on this journey and from my wealth of experience and training, I would love to be there for you as you walk out your journey as well. 


I’m Sita, Director of Mama’s Got Moves

Mama’s Got Moves was born in the trenches of the Covid Pandemic. I taught dance whilst wearing my 2 month old baby fulfilling the desire to be able to incorporate being a mother with the first true love of my life-DANCE.  Mama’s Got Moves comes from a feeling of being isolated as a mother in the early days, and not being able to find a group that I felt like I could fit into, or involved doing something active, fun and aimed at adults.

I am certified under the Adore Your Core Program, an incredibly useful course helping peer supporters understand the problems women face after childbirth, as well as being a certified Peer Supporter with Carrying Matters for Safe babywearing.


Meghan Rhodes is a qualified herbal medicine practitioner and the founder of Rhodes Roots & Remedies. She blends Western Herbal Medicine & Ayurvedic approaches in her private consultations, providing bespoke support for adults, children and infants. Meghan’s practice is rooted in the belief that we must remember, reclaim and relearn our knowledge of plant medicine, bringing the support of our own health back into our families and homes for a sustainable future for ourselves and the planet.


I am Stef, a mum of 2 amazing young boys and founder of Mummy Junction. I understand the challenges that being pregnant and the journey into motherhood and beyond can bring.

I believe all women should have the opportunity to be informed and supported. Mummy Junction is about empowering you, making this chapter a little less overwhelming and more fun. Our classes will prepare you for your journey into motherhood and the first year. Through our unique and exciting courses.

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Concessionary tickets are available

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We are a safe & trusted organisation for parents to access any service that they could possibly want or need in preparing for and welcoming their baby into the world.  Having a baby is about so much more than just Labour & Birth, & there are many moments along the journey where support can make all the difference. Our services are designed to provide exactly that kind of tailored support, from engaging in empowered online programmes to hiring a Doula, establishing optimal feeding, getting to grips with newborn sleep behaviours, postnatal recovery, & even meal delivery or pamper packages for the 4th trimester when self-care & healing is vitally important but perhaps a little challenging to achieve with the responsibilities of caring for a newborn. Postnatal support, especially if your birth has not gone to plan, can also make all this difference in your emotional & mental recovery.  We offer a bespoke Birth Trauma service that takes into account your unique experience & supports you in your wellbeing journey.