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Shared Care Doula Service

Through Shared Care we bring together all of our experience, expertise & support as Birth & Postnatal Practitioners to ensure that the new mother has access to every tool she could possibly need in her unique mothering journey, starting at £1500

'Nurturing the New Mother' Pamper Package

This is the ULTIMATE Pamper package providing the new mother with over 10 hours of holistic postnatal support, care & nourishment in the comfort of her own home, for only £500

Postnatal Support - the first 1001 days

We aim to ensure that you are well supported, assist with infant feeding, & nurture your new family in caring for your baby. Whatever your situation, we can work together to find what best fits you, starting at £105

Birth Reflections Healing Service

Birth trauma is not only about what happened during labour & birth, but also how you are left feeling afterwards.  We work across 4 pillars – the Conscious, Subconscious, Energetic & Physical, £240 over a 6 week period

Nourish - Food delivery service

Incredible meal bundles based of Heng Ou’s food philosophy ‘The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother’, starting at £49 per bundle, as well as wholesome meals for the whole family, starting at £7/portion.  All Scratch-made & delivered to your door!


Motherhood Mentorship

 The 1:1 service that gives you access to all of our expertise and experience as you navigate your way through the challenges of motherhood, from only £120


Infant Feeding Support

The mass of conflicting advice on how to feed your baby can be overwhelming. We are all about finding the strategies to make this easier, regardless of the challenges you may be facing, from £45/hour

Holistic Sleep Support

Sleep deprivation in parenthood is real!  It is experienced by all of us at some point during our parenting journey… But with our support & expertise, you can establish healthy sleep routines for your baby that the whole family will benefit from, starting from £150


Preparing for an Empowered Birth & Beyond

In-person antenatal course that provides you with the information you need to support you & your baby as you transition into parenthood

3 Steps to Stop Overwhelm in its Tracks

A 15 minute video that introduces the concept & teaches you, step by step, how to go from feeling frazzled to feeling FREE!  …including a pdf workbook that you can use if you want to dig a little deeper for ONLY £7!

Empowered Labour & Birth Programme

All you need to know to feel fully informed to navigate the modern medical system… while preparing for the birth of your baby for only £47!

No-BS Newborn Feeding Programme

All you need to know to support your baby’s feeding needs, protect your supply, and feel confident in caring for your newborn for only £27!

The Birth & Beyond Bundle

Get the comprehensive Labour & Birth programme along with the Newborn Feeding programme for just £57 now!


Empowering Birth & Beyond Antenatal Programme

12 week container that provides you with all the practical knowledge you need to support your well-being in the transition to parenthood… including 6 modules, 1:1 Specialist support & an Online Community for £197



Certificate in Empowered Birth & Beyond

The internationally-accredited programme that delivers a deep knowledge of physiological birth, as well as the needs of newborns and their parents: including 7 modules, weekly group calls, 14 mentorship sessions & an online support community for the early bird price of £777

“Mel was with us for approximately 40 hours over ten days. She was always at the end of the phone if I needed her – which was a lot! Not just with breastfeeding, but with everything that came with becoming a mum again. Helping me soon after the twins were born, through the baby blues, making sure I ate properly, being an advocate for me, helping me to focus on positives, generally lifting my spirits – the list goes on and on! She counseled me through those first weeks with the twins in so many ways, and we had some lovely chats and giggles along the way too! My advice to you would be to get Mel on board.”   Lesley Sutcliffe

“(Mel) was fantastic. She was so kind and full of knowledge on how I could achieve the kind of labour that I wanted. It went exactly to plan and not many women can say that. I have no doubt that this was due to Mel’s techniques with me during early labour. She taught me exercises to ensure that the baby’s head was in a good position for a swift, uncomplicated labour. Mel has a very warm personality and is extremely caring. I knew as soon as I met her that I wanted her to be my doula.”   Jo Richardson

“I cannot recommend Mel highly enough. She enabled us to have the most positive birth after having had a previously traumatic experience. Mel is extremely knowledgeable, experienced & committed. During our 3-day labour at home she provided the support that both my husband & I needed giving us the faith to go on. Mel was hands on with practical help & most memorably coached my husband giving him the confidence & knowledge to support me perfectly throughout. I credit Mel with enabling us to have a wonderful home water birth after previous caesarean & what we believed was the best start to life for our son.”   Angela Holmes

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