Shared Care Birth Doula Services

As a professional trained in childbirth, I provide emotional, physical, & educational support to expectant, birthing & new mothers.


I have learnt it is best to offer birth doula services in a shared-care capacity.  This means that pregnancy support is available from me AND one of my doula colleagues, & that one of us will be with you during labour & birth.  In the extremely unlikely event that I’m unable to get to you, or your labour continues for a few days, it is best practice to ensure you have built a relationship with someone who we trust completely so that they can offer support in my absence.


Full service – from £1200 (payment options available)

Holistic Sleep Coaching

Sleep deprivation in parenthood is real!  It is experienced by all of us at some point during our parenting journey.


My qualifications include specific training in sleep biology, infant development, & how to support families as they get to grips with how to support themselves while supporting their baby’s developing sleep patterns.


8 hrs over a 1 month period – £240

Your 8 hrs can be used in scheduled blocks as you require them over a 1 month period.

Doula & Postnatal Practitioners Training

12 month course:  3 months active, accredited learning followed by 9 months of mentorship support



  1. Communication Skills, Reflective Practice & Active Listening Skills 
  2. Understanding Rights & Responsibility, Advocacy & Signposting 
  3. Building Rapport within your Supportive Role & Supporting Emotional Well-being for the Family Unit 
  4. Understanding & Supporting Perinatal Anxiety 
  5. Physiological Process of Birth &  Supporting the Biometrics of Birth 
  6. Infant Feeding Support Training 
  7. Introduction to Matrescence & Understanding the Fourth Trimester 
  8. Understanding Birth Trauma & its Impact within Society
  9. Building your Doula Business
  10. Mentorship Support

Full accredited training £2997

Postnatal Support 

Achieve the best possible start for your family while dealing with the challenges of adjusting to newborn parenting.


I aim to ensure that you are well supported, assist with infant feeding, & nurture your new family in caring for your baby. Whatever your situation, we can work together to find what best fits you.


3hrs & up – £35/hr

A minimum of 3 hours, maximum of 6 hours per booking. Overnight support is available from 10pm to 8am for £250/night.

Should you need a bespoke family care service for an extended period, we can provide care over 5 days 24/7 that is tailored specifically to your family’s needs and circumstances for £1400 (3hr break & sleep included).

Nurturing the New Mother

Pamper package providing new mothers with 20 hours of holistic postnatal support, care & nourishment in the comfort of their own homes

  • Postnatal Recovery Massage, based on Ecuadorian ‘Closing the Bones’
  • Optional Moroccan Womb Steam or Reiki Treatment
  • New Mother Herbal Healing Bath Soak
  • Warm, nourishing home-cooked meals
  • Person-centred approach to honouring the transition to parenthood, specific to your needs



20 hours over 5 days – £25/hr

Online Programmes & Community

A variety of information rich, evidence-based programmes from Labour & Birth to Overcoming Overwhelm.


Wide range of topics centred around All Things Birth & Beyond



Various pricing & packages available

Birth Trauma Healing Service

‘Birth trauma’ is distress experienced by a mother during or after childbirth, often emotional and psychological.


As a Birth Trauma Healer, I work across 4 pillars – the Conscious, Subconscious, Energetic & Physical.  After an initial consultation in which we explore your experience and how I can help you, I will draw upon various modalities to structure our next 2 sessions in a way that can be most impactful for you in your journey towards healing your trauma.


£240 (sessions take place over a 6 week period)

Infant Feeding Support

All new parents, at some point, feel overwhelmed by the mass of conflicting advice on how to feed their baby.


Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, combination feeding, pumping, or introducing solids, I offer evidence-based information to support you in finding a person-centred & unique way to feed your baby in a way that is going to work for you & your family. 


On-line via a video chat for up to 60 mins – £35/hr

In person via a home visit for up to 90 mins – £45/hr

Tongue Function Assessment – £75

Motherhood Mentorship Membership

This 1:1 service gives you access to all of my expertise and experience as you navigate your way through the challenges of motherhood.

  • establish healthy, balanced feeding patterns 
  • instil positive sleep associations & support healthy sleep biology
  • explore normal, infant development & age appropriate  activities for your baby
  • nurture positive mental health & well-being
  • support a daily rhythm that works best for you & your family




6 x Postnatal sessions – from £520 


3 x Postnatal sessions – from £350


1 x Postnatal session – from £120

Nourishing the New Family

Our menus are based of the post-partum philosophy laid out in Heng Ou’s ‘The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother’


Our recipes are designed to be rich in iron to rebuild blood, protein to repair tissues & support hormones, fatty acides to enrich the breast milk, vitamins & antioxidants to speed tissue healing, & therapeutic herbs & spices to counter inflammation, if needed. YORK & SURROUNDS ONLY


Price ranges from £45 for 1 week of Nourishment to £230 for 6 weeks of Nourishment

Mel was with us for approximately 40 hours over ten days. She was always at the end of the phone if I needed her – which was a lot! Not just with breastfeeding, but with everything that came with becoming a mum again. Helping me soon after the twins were born, through the baby blues, making sure I ate properly, being an advocate for me, helping me to focus on positives, generally lifting my spirits – the list goes on and on! She counseled me through those first weeks with the twins in so many ways, and we had some lovely chats and giggles along the way too! My advice to you would be to get Mel on board.

Lesley Sutcliffe

(Mel) was fantastic. She was so kind and full of knowledge on how I could achieve the kind of labour that I wanted. It went exactly to plan and not many women can say that. I have no doubt that this was due to Mel’s techniques with me during early labour. She taught me exercises to ensure that the baby’s head was in a good position for a swift, uncomplicated labour. Mel has a very warm personality and is extremely caring. I knew as soon as I met her that I wanted her to be my doula.


Jo Richardson

I cannot recommend Mel highly enough. She enabled us to have the most positive birth after having had a previously traumatic experience. Mel is extremely knowledgeable, experienced & committed. During our 3-day labour at home she provided the support that both my husband & I needed giving us the faith to go on. Mel was hands on with practical help & most memorably coached my husband giving him the confidence & knowledge to support me perfectly throughout. I credit Mel with enabling us to have a wonderful home water birth after previous caesarean & what we believed was the best start to life for our son.

Angela Holmes

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