🎉  3 babies welcomed earth side in 36 hours!

😁  Being a birth and postnatal professional means that my diary is unpredictable, and subject to change at short notice.

This past week has been pretty incredible!

✊ Working as part of a team of like-minded, passionate, people has meant I’ve been able to do the work I love whilst feeling fully supported.

🙏 Deciding to offer a shared-care model of services has meant that when I was poorly last week, @soulfulharp Emma was there to support our clients when I couldn’t.

😍 This week I met a new mum and baby and started our 6 month motherhood mentorship programme. Do you know what an honour it is to walk alongside someone on one of the biggest chapters in their life??

💕 I spent a night supporting a family with their goal of exclusively breastfeeding their newborn twins, whilst optimising sleep for the WHOLE family – 10 weeks in and still going strong!

Finding a practitioner who aligns with your gentle, responsive, respectful approach is not easy – I’m so grateful to have met this beautiful family and for them to have found me…

🤰 I witnessed an incredibly beautiful and powerful homebirth AND supported a rock star mama to hypnobirth in hospital.

There’s nothing quite like honouring birthing women and their people

🤱 I facilitated early intervention lactation support for a bub with restricted tongue function, helped a newborn mama learn how to express colostrum for her bub in SCBU, and I provided virtual support for a family waiting to see a tongue tie practitioner. I believe that having the right support at the right time is key 🔑

😴 As I climbed into bed, after a long and incredible week, I got a message that Claire, my rockstar colleague who is STILL not on the grid … was on her way to support a family who had welcomed their little one while she was on route – a super speedy unexpected freebirth. Woohoo AWESOME FAMILY 🥳

🤔 and so, today, I’m chilling on my bed & connecting with family and friends.

melody selfcare

My ultimate self care 💫

What do you do to look after yourself when you’ve been looking after everyone else? I’d love to know xx