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We strongly believe that every woman should have the information, and be supported in their decisions, to experience birth and motherhood in a way that they choose. We are here to support women, and advocate their individual decisions on what they feel is best for them, and their families, based on their personal circumstances and the information available.

My name is Mel and my dream for All Things Birth & Beyond is to provide a safe & trusted organisation for parents to access any service that they could possibly want or need in preparing for and welcoming their baby into the world.  Having a baby is about so much more than just Labour & Birth, & there are many moments along the journey where support can make all the difference. Our services are designed to provide exactly that kind of tailored support, from engaging in empowered online programmes to hiring a Doula, establishing optimal feeding, getting to grips with newborn sleep behaviours, postnatal recovery, & even meal delivery or pamper packages for the 4th trimester when self-care & healing is vitally important but perhaps a little challenging to achieve with the responsibilities of caring for a newborn. Postnatal support, especially if your birth has not gone to plan, can also make all the difference in your emotional & mental recovery.  We offer a bespoke Birth Trauma service that takes into account your unique experience & supports you in your wellbeing journey.

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Remember… Informed + Supported = Empowered

Melody Robinson


I’m Mel

CEO and founder of All Things Birth & Beyond

I’m a mum of two, Doula UK full-spectrum Doula, BFI accredited BFC, Holistic Sleep Coach (Dip), Advanced Birth & Beyond Practitioner (BA. Hons, UofW), Reiki Master, trauma-informed Birth Doula & Postnatal Expert and believer in YOU!

I have spent the last 2 decades of my life supporting parents as they transition into their new roles as nurturers & carers.  It’s a role I am passionate about & absolutely committed to as my life’s purpose.

I help pregnant women and mothers transition through their new, and ever changing roles, so that they feel fully supported and empowered in their monumental transformation that is motherhood.


“With Melody’s awareness of the massive emotional journey that motherhood is, her support and guidance allowed me to gain my power back as an instinctive mother. It takes a special person to do what she does”


“To say we cannot recommend Mel highly enough would be a significant understatement; She is worth far more than every penny!”


"Mel educates, empowers and supports, and becomes a true companion in your journey."



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